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About AstraOutfit

AstraOutfit - Our store name is defined as the accusative plural form of the Latin word "Astrum" - the meaning is 'Star' outfit. We are really appreciated that you visit our store.

AstraOutfit is just a small online store with many different style of accessories, fashion jewelry (rings, necklaces and anklets) for ladies, especially minimalist styles as well as focus on main on the beach styles (we have beach dress, top, cover) . On top of that, AstraOutfit also is a small world of styles in Bohemian and Retro (dress, skirt, top and decor).

We also list multiple products of Fashion style for men, as well as various categories for women.

Astraoutfit.com always love to receive feedback and questions from customers of size chart or shipment, please do not hesitate to contact us at outfitsastra@gmail.com


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